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About this project is a political organization focused on building advocacy for immigration and education reform through the use of tech. We used gamification techniques to make advocacy and political action more fun, awarding points to people who reached their reps. As their Creative Director, I led a comprehensive rebrand project, built advocacy applications, managed resources, and mentored at hackathons.

To help reach a younger demographic, I created a tool that makes sending letters to your Rep as easy as taking a selfie, eventually getting picked up by celebrities like Tony Hawk, Ashton Kutcher, and Zynga co-founder Mark Pincus.

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Facebook API, Twitter API, API, iOS, Android, Ruby, Rails, Postgres, responsive design, print design

My Role

As the Creative Director, I worked across teams to redesign the brand. I developed design guidelines, marketing collateral, and a voice/tone copywriting guide. I worked with the engineering team to deliver several apps from concept to launch, mentored at hackathons, and managed work from our 30+ person codesquad team.

Brand Development

Redesigning for progress

From inconsistent typography and colors to stock icons and poor site architecture, the brand was pieced together like a collage by dozens of designers and volunteers.

My goal was to unify the brand across all our products and marketing material. The totality of the logo, visuals, and words we would use to describe would enable us to establish and maintain a clear, unified brand identity, both within our organization and beyond.

I used data when possible, driving design decisions by what worked for existing users, and split testing new ideas to find what would work with new users.


A vector is worth 1000 words originally used icons from the Noun Project to convey complex ideas like immigration reform or amnesty. While helpful, the icons didn't translate well when blown up to illustration sizes. We needed more detailed and consistent graphics.

I created an illustration guide and a collection of icons building-blocks that our design team could use to construct graphics as needed. To keep the icons interesting, I wrote a simple script that animates them as they enter the viewport.

Watch 0:29 Icon Animations

Company Website

The face of

The website was a platform for advocacy and a educational tool for people unfamiliar with immigration reform. The original website design was difficult to navigate, inconsistently designed, and put too much focus on the wrong things.

As part of the rebrand, I redesign and re-architected the website. Updating the navigation to be more advocacy oriented and integrating the apps to make a more fluid advocacy experience. These changes resulted in +105% increase in conversion to membership in the first month of launch.

The website is designed to be responsive, shuffling the layout for mobile, tablet, and desktop resolutions. These are some of my favorite layouts:

The Chapter Program

Taking Advocacy Offline

While' online advocacy tools helped drive direct advocacy, we needed a way to create a grassroots experience offline. As part of the redesign, I helped design and launch The Chapter Program; bring together passionate, talented people, and offer opportunities to engage in innovative advocacy that educates elected decision makers and changes the terms of public debate.

From San Francisco to New York, each chapter features a community calendar of monthly events and member projects to join. Members are added to a drip campaign to encourage them to participate in local events or the projects they sign up for.

Find Your Rep

Advocacy in your pocket

The first app built using the API, the Find Your Rep tool helped people find their rep using their location or Zip Code.

Designed to be responsive, the app is mobile and tablet friendly. Animation is used to make the app more engaging and fun, panning the map background as the user types their Zip Code.

See it in action

Selfies 4 Reform

Advocacy in your pocket

Legislators receive 500 emails to every 1 physical letter, so the transitive property says that 1 letter == 500 emails in power. But, writing letters is hard. By making it as easy as taking a selfie, more people can get in touch with their reps and encourage positive political change.

I created an app that lets users take a selfie and send it as a physical postcard to their region's rep. The app was responsive, adjusting to mobile, tablet, and desktop resolutions, and if the user didn't have a webcam would let them upload a Facebook photo instead.

Within the first week of launch, the app went viral, getting shared by celebrities like Ashton Kutcher, Adrian Grenier, Chris Tucker, and Jared Leto, as well as a segment on NOTICIAS MUNDO FOX and a write-up in The Guardian.

Immigration Reform

November 21st, 2014

On this date, President Obama unveiled his plans for executive action on immigration reform. Executive action means:

  • Nearly 5 million undocumented immigrants could be eligible for the programs announced this week that allow immigrants of any present age who were brought to this country as children to apply for three years of protection from deportation, and for work permits.
  • The GDP will increase by $90 billion to $210 billion and the federal deficit will decrease by $25 billion, by 2024.
  • Average wages for all workers, both U.S.-born and immigrant, are projected to increase by $170 from these actions alone.

This moment would not have been possible without the tireless work of Over 350,000+ contacts to members of Congress and the President thanks to our innovative advocacy tools that help engage supporters.