About this project

Desk.com is a customer service platform for small to medium-sized businesses. It's a universal inbox that combines phone calls, chat, email, and more into a unified, collaborative interface. Thousands of companies rely on the app to provide support to their customers. I worked on both marketing and product pieces of Desk.com to show new customers what we can do, and show existing customers what could be done.

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Facebook API, PHP, MySQL, Google Analytics API, HubSpot, Salesforce.com integration

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My Role

As the Senior UX Designer, I worked directly on projects and managed contractors and creative talent on my team. I helped guide the Desk.com website through three rebrand projects using data-driven design. By carefully observing user flow, analytics, SEO optimization, and hundreds of split tests, I improved conversion to trial +500%.

I worked across teams to build the Desk.com Trust Center: a tool that visualizes our product stability. I also created a WordPress plugin, built an improved chat widget, and wrote the default knowledge base template that powers support for thousands of companies.

Brand Development

Embracing the cloud

When Assistly was acquired by Salesforce and rebranded as Desk.com, it eventually adopted the Salesforce Cloud co-branding. Other acquired products within the Salesforce family had simply stuck the two logos together or homogenized their logo to match core branding.

My goal was to create a unified, unique logo that didn't feel tacked together and still payed homage to our original branding.

Company Website

The face of Desk.com

Desk.com's company website helps new users discover the product and learn its features while encouraging existing users to get the most out of everything it offers. I was responsible for contributing to the website's design, development, analytics, and optimization.

I developed the Universal Analytics implementation that dynamically changes trackers based on cohort. Complete funnel tracking allowed us to optimize the site based on what generated the most trials and paid conversions.

The website is designed to be responsive, shuffling the layout for mobile, tablet, and desktop resolutions. These are some of my favorite layouts.

Data-driven Design

Split testing a better experience

I used split testing to optimize everything from headlines to site architecture.

Of the hundreds of tests, here are my favorites:

Email Campaigns and Landing Pages

Reaching customers new and old

We used email campaigns to reach our thousands of users and landing pages to generate new leads.

I designed and coded templates for our newsletters, product updates, and direct marketing campaigns.

The Trust Center

Building trust with data

Designed to create transparency and inspire trust with customers, the Trust Center uses data visualization to display live and historical uptime.

The data is fed from New Relic's API, but I also built a backend to let our support staff make manual updates when necessary.

The Support Center

Because it’s used by thousands of companies for self-support, I created a new default of the Desk.com support center that features a responsive design and easy customization via LESS variables. Retina-ready and built with a responsive design that adapts to mobile, tablet, or desktop.

Desk.com Support Portal Watch 0:50 Reel

One Template. Infinite Customization.

With Bootstrap, LESS, and LIQUID, the new support center is easy to customize.