About this project

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular, Grunt, Phonegap, Adobe Web Components, Coral UI

My Role

As a product lead at Adobe, I worked across teams to help define a new visual language for Adobe products, and a voice/tone copywriting guide for the marketing cloud. My primary focus was Adobe Social, where I helped build and launch a mobile enterprise app, desktop experience, and managed a small team of designers.

Adobe Spectrum

Consistent UI starts with web

The Adobe Marketing Cloud is comprised of eight different products; each product an acquisition with its own visual language and user experience. From inconsistent workflows to redundant features, moving between products of the marketing cloud can be a very confusing and frustrating experience.

Working with the core services team, my goal was to create a beautiful, unified visual language that would bring together the marketing cloud products and (eventually) the creative cloud. I built components off of the existing Adobe Coral UI framework to make upgrading products as easy as switching out a CSS file.

I experimented with animation in HTML mocks to bring a more authentic feeling to the Spectrum UI.

Adobe Social

For the Social Enterprise originally used icons from the Noun Project to convey complex ideas like immigration reform or amnesty. While helpful, the icons didn't translate well when blown up to illustration sizes. We needed more detailed and consistent graphics.

I created an illustration guide and a collection of icons building-blocks that our design team could use to construct graphics as needed. To keep the icons interesting, I wrote a simple script that animates them as they enter the viewport.