About this project

AddictingGames is the largest online games site in the US, bringing casual gaming wherever people want to play: the AddictingGames website, iPhone, Android, and Facebook. After working on the AddictingGames website, I helped design, build, and launch the Facebook version.

Javascript, jQuery, XHTML, CSS3, Facebook API, Java, JSTL, Google App Engine

My Role

As the Lead UI Developer, I designed and built the interface for this Facebook app. As the app grew, I later managed designers that contributed to this project. Through careful AB testing and social integration, I helped grow this app from launch to 2 million MAU, making this a top 200 Facebook app.

Social highlights include sharable high scores, friend challenges, and in-game and app-wide achievements.

One Facebook App

Thousands of Games

Like the mother site, the AddictingGames Facebook App served as a portal for thousands of games. Games inside the Facebook chrome let users play against each other, share high scores, challenge friends, and earn in-app achievements. I was responsible for all design, development, analytics, and optimization.

I developed the Omniture analytics implementation which dynamically changes trackers based on cohort. Complete funnel tracking allowed us to optimize the site based on what generated the most social connections and shares.

User Experience Flows

UX for different kinds of Gamers

Creating an app from scratch gave us the opportunity to fine-tune some of the existing user flows on the mother site for Facebook. Starting with our top three personas—the lunch-time gamer, the daily player, and the bored student—I created user flows that encouraged gameplay for each of their unique goals.

As the app evolved, the user flows expanded to include more social discovery, achievements, and competitive elements.