Dylan Hafertepen UX Design & Development

I'm a San Francisco-based designer and full-stack developer who loves building functional, beautiful, data-driven websites and apps.

Previously designed for Adobe, Salesforce, MTV, and FWD.us. Currently UX Director at Hero.

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FWD.us is a political organization focused on building advocacy for immigration and education reform through the use of tech. As their Creative Director, I led a comprehensive rebrand project, built advocacy applications, managed resources, and mentored at hackathons.

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, Facebook API, Twitter API, FWD.us API, iOS, Android, Ruby, Rails, Postgres, responsive design, print design

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Desk.com is a customer service platform for small to medium-sized businesses. As the Senior UX Designer, I built features used by thousands of customers and helped guide the Desk.com website through three rebrand projects with data-driven design.

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Facebook API, PHP, MySQL, Google Analytics API, HubSpot, Salesforce.com integration

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Gay Cliques Census

Identity is very important in the gay community. This need to belong has grown into countless labels, social groups, and cliques. To help understand and identify these social groups, I created the Gay Cliques Census and several interactive data visualizations to explain the results.

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Facebook API, PHP, MySQL, Google Docs API, Google Chart API

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ArtPiles was a website for artists and patrons of the arts. Online from 2006–2008, the site became extremely popular; it hosted nearly 60,000 pieces of art and about 20,000 daily active users. I closed the site after two years running due to the expensive operating cost of hosting such a large community at that time.

PHP, MySQL, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, XHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, AS3, Amazon EC2

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GUBA was a leading online video website that helped users browse, download, share, and buy user-generated content and hundreds of movies and TV shows. GUBA offered multiple file formats for download to the PC, iPod, PSP, and other portable devices. As the Creative Director, I was responsible for the redesign of GUBA, brand development, building their video player, and optimizing the viewing experience though AB testing.

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, Grails, Groovy, Java, AS2, AS3

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Addicting Games

Through careful AB testing and social integration, I helped grow this app from launch to 2 million MAU, making this a top-200 Facebook app. Social highlights include sharable high scores, friend challenges, in-game and app-wide achievements.

Javascript, jQuery, XHTML, CSS3, Facebook API, Java, JSTL, Google App Engine

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Tumblr Themes and Apps

I'm a big fan of the blogging platform tumblr, building apps and themes for tumblr's massive user base. My tumblr work has been used by nearly 1-million tumblr users and highlighted on Huffington Post.

Javascript, jQuery, HTML5, CSS3, tumblr API, PHP, MySQL, Google Chart API

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tank is an idea management system that categorizes thoughts with tags — making it a little bit easier than a note book. Designed as an HTML5 app, it can be run offline as a notepad for mobile devices, syncing updates next time a connection is available.

PHP, MySql, Javascript, XHTML, CSS3, Local Storage

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As a product manager, it’s so refreshing to work with someone like Dylan. He GETS social, games and Facebook, which was such a huge leg up when building out the AddictingGames Facebook App.

Any ideas I ran by him or suggested, he would take, improve upon and whip up in working order with what seemed like ridiculous ease. He is super passionate about the products that he works on which is an absolute delight and he always has the users’ interests at heart.

There is no way that we could have built our app in such a short time without having Dylan leading the front-end implementation. This guy is a rockstar, a fantastic teammate and any company would be lucky to have him.

Amanda Amy LaThanh Amanda "Amy" LaThanh Product Manager, MTV Networks

Dylan Hafertepen has an impeccable aesthetic and taste level. You can count on Dylan to be always leader in cutting-edge U.I. design. His upbeat attitude was a welcome addition to our team.

I need to clone him!

Kathleen Morford Kathleen Morford Vice President of Marketing, SVG Technology Inc

Dylan is the jam and a half when it comes to being an awesome coworker. @frauenyface via twitter

Andrew Frauen @frauenyface Andrew Frauen Customer WOW @Desk

Dylan has a unique, unmatched skill to see a problem in multiple dimensions, therefore allowing him to anticipate the user experience across multiple platform and across multiple consumer segments.

He's genius in many respects. His thirst for knowledge leads him to innovative and novel solutions. Best of all, he is an artist at heart, but has the collaborative spirit needed to inspire consensus — key for multi-layered stakeholders.

Rob Pritchard Rob Pritchard Director New Products, VISA

Dylan managed all front-end design and interactivity for GUBA and SVG Technology. Without a doubt he is the most talented front-end/UI guy I’ve ever worked with. Dylan is just as comfortable with photoshop as he is writing javascript—a rare combination, in my experience. He fully understands the latest in web standards, browser quirks, and UI ideas.

Dylan is extremely easy to get along with and takes great pride in his work. I heartily recommend him to anybody in need of a strong creative + technical lead.

Eric Lambrecht Eric Lambrecht CTO and Founder, GUBA Inc

Dylan is a brilliant, pro-active team player who brings his creative resourcefulness to the job each-and-every day. As a rockstar UI Developer for the Shockwave.com team, he was quickly recognized by the organization as someone who had a lot to offer.

He's quick, conscientious and always approaches his work with the customer/consumer in mind—leading to optimal user experience. I'd gladly work with Dylan again, and recommend you scope him up asap.

Jaime Rodriguez, Jr Jaime Rodriguez, Jr. Director of Product Management, Shockwave, Viacom

I can't say enough good things about Dylan. He brings considerable insight, enthusiasm and skill to the table for every project he's assigned. Dylan comes to Desk.com with a rare skill set of being proficient from a technical as well as a creative stance when it comes to the web. If something doesn't work or isn't right, Dylan will always bring up valid problems with data to back up his points. All of this has made a huge impact to the entire marketing team. Overall, Dylan is a pleasure to work with and would be a strong addition to any team.

Alex Hisaka Alex Hisaka Online Marketing Analyst, Salesforce, Desk.com